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 and property owners.

Areas of Practice


Real estate

We offer a full array of Real Estate Transactional services to lenders (including REO services), real estate developers, real estate professionals, buyers and investors.

We know that following a foreclosure, our mortgage banking partners want to convey their REO property quickly and efficiently with minimal expense and prompt resolution of title issues. We have deep experience drafting and executing REO documents, as well as other key documents used in the industry. 

Our real estate services include:

  • Drafting and negotiating terms of purchase or sale, option, exchange, installment sale, and lease agreements, involving both residential and commercial real estate matters
  • Title, survey and environmental review, always performed in a timely and diligent manner
  • Sophisticated acquisitions and dispositions, enabling us to anticipate and resolve issues successfully
  • Title review and resolution of title defects, which is critical in the current climate of foreclosures and bank liens
  • Obtaining appropriate title insurance policies, considering the proper coverage and endorsements for each client’s unique needs
  • Preparation, filing and serving of the Foreclosure/Eviction Complaint, obtaining judgment in foreclosure/eviction and coordinating the effectuation of the foreclosure/eviction itself

Trust us to work with you, as we have for so many clients throughout the state of Florida.


Airan Law practices in the area of business law and business litigation, including partnership disputes, dealings and litigation with banks regarding different aspects of banking relationships, sale and purchase transactions for businesses, complex business litigation matters involving more than $75,000 in dispute, structuring business transactions and contracts, settlement negotiations, and other related services.  


Airan Law has decades of experience representing banks, small and large companies, individuals, shareholders, and business partners in business litigation and business formation services. In all of our legal services, whether in litigation or transactions, we work creatively and aggressively to pursue your best interests, with a focus on the solution that makes the most sense for your particular situation.

There are good results and then there are the best possible results. We strive to achieve the latter. We never forget that there are almost always multiple avenues for achieving success, so we look at each case from every angle to pursue the solution that is not only the most efficient—but also the most effective—for the clients we serve.

Our commercial litigation services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Business purchase and sales
  • Business formation (LLC/LP/general partnership/other)
  • Business dissolutions
  • Noncompete clauses
  • Preparation and enforcement of partnership agreements
  • Business contract and agreement relief (helping clients get out of a business agreement, i.e. a commercial lease)
  • Complex business litigation
  • Deposit recovery
  • Condominium Association litigation

Our commercial litigation team will make it their business to do what’s best for yours. It’s that simple.